Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a lovely weekend. What a beautiful Sunday we had in the Bay. The sun shone, and the spirits rose.

Now with Winter well underway, colds/flu’s are circulating around the workplace / home, so here is an easy recipe you can make each week to help support yours and your families immune system. Chicken Broth. A nourishing drink full of nutrient dense amino acids and minerals. A chicken broth is easy to digest and repairs the gut and flora not to mention helps support joints with the rich amount of collagen.  Chicken broth is also very anti inflammatory.

Be sure to invest in the highest quality chicken carcasses. Organic, free range is the best, we are lucky to have Bostock carcasses her in Hawkes Bay. I would go no less than free range.. avoid caged chickens as there will be little nutrients to extract from the bones.

There is no excuse that you don’t have time to make this, this drink could not be easier.

  1. In a stock pot or large pot (for the stove) put in 2-3 chicken carcasses, or a packet or two of chicken wings/legs. If you can get access to chicken feet, then add them (full of gelatin).

2. Fill with water, add a splash of apple cider vinegar to extract nutrients, then optional for flavour add: bay leaves, onion, carrots, celery, herbs. Leave on a low heat for 2-4 hours.

3. Once ready, take out the bones and any other additions, strain and put the broth (liquid) into jars. Store in the fridge up to 4 days.

You can either drink by itself, add to soups/stews, cook rice/vegetables in it instead of water, add to Bolognese meat, or add to any dish that requires water. Add a good quality sea salt to taste.

Two favourite ways for us to drink broth are: Add 1/4 t turmeric and a good grating of fresh ginger into a cup of chicken broth, mix and drink. Adding an egg yolk to this is also delicious and ups the nutrients and fats.

Also, same as above with the turmeric and ginger, but add some coconut milk, heat through and drink. Delicious.

Enjoy this simple yet satisfying beverage that I personally think everyone should be drinking on a regular basis.

Krystie “makes it” and Paul “drinks it” Miller