Behind Results Personal Training

We are not a gym.

If you’re looking for a gym we’re probably not the right facility for you.

Results Personal Training was founded for one simple reason. We wanted to create a space that was all about helping people achieve complete body wellness. We work directly and closely with every individual client and the focus remains forever and entirely on you.

Results Personal Training is far from your average gym, in fact we are not a gym. We knew we didn’t want to create a place that was only interested in selling you a membership, a place where you are not a person but rather a number.

We wanted something different; a place where you can truly learn what it feels like to be fit, healthy and energised. We wanted to create something new, a place where like minded individuals wanted to be their best and inspire, empower and educate others to be their best too. Unlike others, we do not judge or critique but work with each person to find a solution that is unique to them.

Every aspect of the experience has been thought about, no matter how big or small, and is designed to support you and your lifestyle.

All you need to do is turn up.

Paul Miller

Paul has been transforming bodies and changing lives with incredible success for over the last 19 years. He has dedicated his life to improving the wellbeing of hundreds of clients in both the UK and New Zealand.

Paul started his Personal Training career working in Mayfair London. His unique integrated methods quickly established him as the ‘go to’ for transformational results.

Paul has worked successfully with numerous high profile clients from athletes to actors, musicians to mountain climbers, CEOs, editors, models, record breakers and just about everyone between. Paul’s fitness advice has featured in a number of magazines and newspapers including Men’s Health, The Evening Standard, Vogue amongst others. In addition Paul was a trainer on the Channel 4 show The Games where two groups of celebrities undergo three months of intensive training to transform themselves into athletes for reality TV’s toughest test of physical and mental strength. Paul has also featured on Channel 4’s the Wright Stuff due to his specialist knowledge on fat loss transformations.

Paul is the co-founder of Results Personal Training where he continues to train clients in his bespoke Personal Training studio in Hawkes Bay.

Krystie Miller

Krystie is a Mum of two beautiful children, Milly and Bear. Her passion lies in holistic living for her family and loves looking through recipe books for ideas to create nourishing meals for her family. This passion can be seen in Results, where Krystie loves to share healthy food recipes, and tips to live a healthy lifestyle.

Krystie feels walking the walk is just as important as talking the talk, so finding a healthy work/life balance and doing things every day that she loves, encourages her inner happiness (the good life).

Krystie stands for a strong philosophy of keeping things simple, appreciating the beauty in life and living each moment in the moment. Growing, preparing and serving nourishing food to her family along with her journey of health and wellbeing is what inspires Krystie.

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