Results Personal Training Method

The Results Personal Training Method is built around 4 fundamental pillars.

Getting Your Mind Right, Nourished By Nature, The Smart Training System and The Good Life

Each pillar seamlessly integrates together in a yin and yang relationship. And it’s this relationship that drives the journey to your best body.

Positive Mindset

Nourished By Nature

Smart Training System

The Good Life


The Classic

This is our completely private, one-on-one program. It’s just the trainer and you.

The Burst

Results provides a shorter, compact program for clients that are squeezed for time.

Fitness Camp

This is our group personal training program designed specifically to melt away unwanted fat in the quickest possible time.

Behind Results

We are not a gym.

If you’re looking for a gym we’re probably not the right facility for you.

Results Personal Training was founded for one simple reason, we wanted to create a space that was all about helping people achieve complete body wellness.

We work directly and closely with every individual client and the focus remains forever and entirely on you.

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