45 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

Happy Wednesday everyone  It’s the morning of the 25th of March, my phone dings to remind me that it’s gratitude day. For the last 5 years on the 25th of every month I have had a ding from my phone to remind me that it’s gratitude day.  What is gratitude day? ...

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The Adventure Begins

Happy Sunday Everyone. Hope you are all keeping healthy and well. Today, we have a couple of bits we would like to speak about and the upcoming changes within Results, so please take the time to read this email. Covid 19 has become a reality for everyone. We are...

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A Primal Christmas Drink We Love

Happy Monday Everyone. Hope your preparation to Christmas is going well. Remember the greatest gift is being present. Take this time to be with friends and family, to share stories, make new memories and be present with loved ones. I find our lives are getting busier...

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