A Primal Christmas Drink We Love

Happy Monday Everyone. Hope your preparation to Christmas is going well. Remember the greatest gift is being present. Take this time to be with friends and family, to share stories, make new memories and be present with loved ones. I find our lives are getting busier...

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Plants, Hikes & Dessert!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend and managed to get some form of movement into your day. Today we bring you four for Monday; 1 - Indoor Plants We have started collecting indoor plants for our home, one to look good, but two, to help purify the air.  Although...

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The One Ring To Rule Them All

Some of you may have noticed that I am sporting a rather odd looking ring on my finger. A couple of weeks ago a purchased the Oura ring.  It’s a ‘smart’ ring. Essentially a tracking device that looks at sleep, activity and readiness metrics.  Personally I am not a...

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My Weekend!

The picture above is taken at Waipatiki Beach - we headed there after the market for a play and lifting session 🙂 Happy Monday All, Hope you all got to enjoy the lovely Winter's sunshine yesterday. Really feels like Spring is on it's way, with all the daffodils and...

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