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In today's newsletter I wanted to talk to you about adrenal fatigue. As of late far too many people have told me they're tired and don't feel like they have any get up and go in them. This is a classic sign of adrenal fatigue. Step 1 I have attached an adrenal fatigue questionnaire. Open it, download it, print it and see how you get on Questionaire Step 2 Read the post below. This is a re-post so some of you may have read it before. If you have, read it again as it will serve as a good reminder. If you haven't read it then now is the time. Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue are two words you...

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Adrenal Fatigue Questionaire

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Click below to open link:   xx-dr-wilsons-adrenal-fatigue-questionnaire

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If you live in Havelock North and drink water you need to read this!!!

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Happy Monday How was your weekend? As I write this Val Adams has just got a Silver for the shot put. As amazing as that is I am sure many of you were hoping for the gold 🙁 On the flip side the Brits are doing well and currently lying in third on the medal tables. How well did the GB boys go in their cycling team pursuit… truly was gripping stuff Anyway… On Friday I was pondering what to write about in this week's newsletter when Krystie received this facebook message   Though we don't know the facts this was enough for me to write about water, more specifically why you should consider a...

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How Olympic Athletes Train and What a Jerk!

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Happy Monday Wow what wet weather we had this weekend. That wind was pretty crazy and talking of wind, well done to the Hurricanes on their victory over the Lions. 🙂 With the Olympic opening ceremony it reminded me it was 4 years ago that London had the 2012 Olympics Krystie and I lived in London back then and we were lucky enough to get tickets to a few events, we unfortunately didn't get tickets to that incredible 100/200 meter final where Mr Bolt was on fire. But we did get tickets to another sport that I love … The weightlifting It's not the 100 meter sprint but for me, well I love...

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How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is a highly essential act that our bodies undertake in order to recharge the batteries and allow for healing and regeneration. If you find yourself struggling to sleep here are some simple tips to ensure you get a good nights sleep. Blackout curtains. Keep your bedroom pitch black. Any light will affect your circadian rhythm (your natural sleep – wake cycle) and prevent the production of serotonin and melatonin. Turning your bedroom into a modern day cave will allow for the production of the right hormones at the right time. Wind down in the evening. Dim the lights down low or even...

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62 Ways to Look and Feel Better

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With the All Blacks destroying France 62 to 13 I thought I would bring you a quick 62 ways to feel and look better Here goes 1 - Stop trying to do everything. You will burn out from information overload and get paralysis by analysis. Just focus on one thing. 2 - If you're dieting...stop. Counting calories will down regulate your metabolism. Focus on eating the right kind of food. 3 - Eat before you shop for food. Going to the supermarket hungry is a bad idea. You will reach for the junk food. Bad choices are made when stomachs are growling and the brain is craving. 4 - Sleep more… It's your...

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