Happy Monday 

How was your weekend? Lot’s of swims and cold showers were necessary to keep cool. Summer finally feels like it is here 🙂 

So we have just finished the swing challenge at Results – and have been asked for another challenge for the month. We feel foam rolling is hugely valuable for our body yet under utilised. ​​

So… here is ​​the foam rolling challenge for February. If you do not already own a foam roller at home, head to Kmart and pick yourself up one for cheap. These exercises can be done at home or before/after your workout. Foam roll every day for four weeks and see how your body feels after this period. A self massage daily 🙂 

Have a read on the PDF for why you should foam roll to get some inspiration.​​

Free Foam Roller PDF – Click Here

That is it f​​or today.

Paul “roll on” and Krystie “Ouch!!” Miller