I love a good list. And it’s been a while, so here you go… 

1 – Implement daily routines and discipline in your life

2 – Drink a large glass of water with lemon and sea salt first thing in the morning 

3 – Start your day with a walk outside.. Preferably a sunrise walk 

4 – Eat protein first. Protein : Greek meaning “first place” or “primary”

5 – Earn your carbohydrates with activity… training, hiking or a day on the farm 

6 – Use a great water filter that removes chlorine, plastics and pharmaceuticals  

7 – Don’t microwave plastic… better yet, don’t microwave anything 

8 – Connect with Nature, take your shoes off and breathe 

9 – When feeling stressed single nasal breathing does wonders 

10 – Move frequently at a slow pace. 5 hours per week minimum 

11  – Take 100 – 200mg of L-theanine with coffee to offset any caffeine jitters

12 – Sardines, the health food in a can. I am generally not a fan of the can but sardines are a pretty amazing convenient snack 

13 – Feeling tired but wired? Have a cup of Tulsi – one of the greatest calming adaptogens

14 – Irritable bowel problems?  GI MAPPING –  Game Changing 

15 – Cold shower in the morning – start the day with ‘’Mental Override’’ – The ability to make yourself do something you don’t want to do 

16 – Nutrition is only as good as digestion  – eat slow, chew hard 

17 – Eat weird foods – the more diverse they are, the more diverse micronutrients you consume 

18 – Unplug once a week 

19 – Stop chasing symptoms and get to the root cause

20 – Go barefoot and play in the dirt 

21 – Play more – Stuart Brown author of Play : how it shapes our brains, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul. Asserts those that stop playing in adult life have narrowing in their social, emotional and cognitive intelligence. 

22 – Create a list of things you enjoy: schedule them in your life 

23 – If you spent as much time working on your resting postures as you did your training postures things might look very different 

24 – First move well, then move often, then get ridiculously strong

25 – Don’t add strength to dysfunction – not unless you want to break 

26 – Pain is your friend not the enemy. It’s not the problem, it’s the signal  – Consider listening 

27 – Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly? Either way address it

28 – Want to get better at squatting –  Get rid of your chairs. If this is too extreme then spend time on the ground everyday

29 – Ever seen someone in a 3rd World country struggle to get ass to grass on a squat? Nope because it doesn’t happen 

30 – Environment dictates movement. Set up your environment for the win 

31 – Foam rolling should lead you to better movement – if it doesn’t you’re doing something wrong 

32 – Pain, stiffness, poor mobility are protective outputs of the nervous system in response to a ‘’perceived’’ threat 

33 – The ultimate movement restoration program? Work backwards towards the crib/cot – nod, roll, rock, crawl 

34 – Workout of the Day AKA – random acts of variety. Variety for the sake of variety is just a poor excuse for training 

35 – Train don’t workout – One is just to get sweaty the other is a journey towards a goal 

36 –  Want to be a runner, gym goer, healthy eater fill in the blank. Then level 3 learning is where it’s at.. The Three stages of learning…

(1) basic comprehension 

(2) unity of mind and heart 

(3) identity. This is the gateway to being 

 As in I am a runner 

I am a gym goer 

I am a healthy eater 

I am a __________

37 – Get a coach  – We are doing online coaching. Just email  fitnesscamp@hotmail.com and write ‘Online coaching in the subject line’ and we will get back to you. 

38 – Have a wonderful day 

Paul “single nostril breather” and Krystie “barefoot gardener” Miller