Happy Monday 

How was your weekend?  We made the most of the beautiful sunshine with lots of walks and family time. Saturday night was date night, so we headed up the Peak for a gentle walk and chat. We used to both love walking up the Peak together pre kids however have not done this a lot over the last five years, so was good to be able to do it again together. We also headed out to one of our favourite spots near Waipuk for a forest walk on Sunday with the kids. A gentle walk followed by a picnic lunch. Nothing like fresh air and some movement for good night sleeps!

Anyway, on to today’s newsletter.

Kicking off with our Smart Training System 

Learning the hinge

Learning how to hip hinge correctly will massively improve strength and power while minimising the risk of injuries.

Bending down and picking up something heavy without a correct hip hinge is the number one reason people get back pain. A correct hip hinge is a game changer, essentially you load the hips like they are designed for and not the lower back. 

The hip hinge is also going to work a ton of muscles meaning greater calorie expenditure and better hormonal response.

The hip hinge is one of the fundamental movement patterns that got us to where we are today. Our ancestors used the hip hinge to pick up heavy rocks from the floor in order to build shelters. 

Today the hip hinge is seen in picking up the kids, gardening, walking, running and just about every single sport. Okay maybe not darts 😉 

Primary muscles worked in the hip hinge

  • Glutes 
  • Hamstrings 
  • Lower back 
  • The core


Check out Paul in this three minute video on 9 different hinging movements.

Nourished By Nature

Nettle Tea. One of my favourite herbal drinks filled with so much goodness. It is a whole body tonic, blood purifier, blood sugar regulator, adrenal healer and most nutrient dense infusion over all the other herbs. It is like the multi vitamin of herbs.

I love to have at least one cup of this a day first thing to ensure my body is getting the goodness it needs. Also great as a pick me up in the afternoon (instead of the caffeine coffee).

The Good Life

Exploring in nature with the kids. Climbing trees, walking planks, breathing fresh air, absorbing vitamin D and walking barefoot. Life’s simple pleasures.

That’s us for today,

Paul “hip hinge” and Krystie “barefoot” Miller