On average Kiwi’s gain around 1-2 kgs over the Christmas period. For some that might not sound that bad, but the problem is most will end up hanging on to that 2kgs. Bad news!

Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of restrictions or limitations but on the flip side it doesn’t have to be a time of gluttony. A balanced approach might well be the answer.

In today’s post I am going to share with you 7 tips for Belly Bulging Survival. 

1 – Pick a maximum of 3 Christmas events and go wild, let rip!!

If you can keep the overindulgence to less than one occasion a week in the month of December you’re doing okay. If you know you are weak willed then ‘be the driver’ 

2 – After every 2nd drink, have a large glass of water.

I don’t mind whether you gulp down or even skull that water,  just get it into you. You will thank me in the morning, trust me 

3 – If you’re going to have a big night that will involve over-eating and drinking then consider some intermittent fasting. 

Skipping a meal or simply eating a lighter meal will offset some of those calories 

4 – If you’re not partying then go to bed early. 

Lack of sleep leads to a hormonal roller coaster resulting in increased ghrelin and decreased leptin. In layman’s terms – you are going to be hungry all day and no matter how much you eat, you just won’t feel satisfied. Also when you are tired your willpower depletes and as it’s Christmas there is food everywhere. 

Simply going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most powerful strategies in keeping your weight in check

5 – Get a high quality greens powder.

Drinking 2 large glasses everyday through December will keep your nutrients topped up and make for a better balanced gut environment. Being that your gut is your second brain you will subconsciously make better decisions around food and alcohol. Hopefully this will spill over to making better decisions so you don’t end up in a compromising position with Gary from accounts 😉

This is the brand we use and sell Click Here I highly recommend it as a ‘Greens’ It’s a practitioner’s high strength, its proven and potent. 

6 – The GLUT4 strategy

By doing a few sets of multi-joint exercises before you eat can transport sugar to muscles instead of storing them as fat. GLUT4 is a glucose transporter. It has been shown that by stimulating muscles right before you eat activates GLUT4 to bring glucose to muscle cells. 

So, before a big feed take yourself off to the bathroom for a set of 50 air squats or maybe a cheeky set of push ups off the toilet seat 😉 

Bonus  – If you live in Hawkes Bay, come and join us for damage limitation before Christmas at Results. We have both morning and evening training camps to blast off that pudding and get you set for 2020. 

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