Happy Monday,

Hope you all had a great weekend and survived the wind and temperature drop!! What was with that??!

Paul headed away to Auckland for the weekend to help run a course while the kids and I took part in some Art Deco, walks on the beach, Sunday Farmers Market, icecreams…. and lots of down time playing, drawing and gardening in the vegetable patch.

On to today’s newsletter:

Smart Training

The Squat is one of our 7 primal movement patterns.

  • The squat is something most of us do day in day out when we squat down to sit into a chair and squat up to stand from a chair 
  • The squat is a movement pattern that toddlers use to move from quadruped to bipedal 
  • The squat was an archetypal posture used for sitting before we had chairs


  • Squatting uses hundreds of muscles. The more muscles used, the greater the metabolic cost and the more calories burnt. 

Moral of the story, squat more. Instead of sitting on your butt watching TV, squat on the floor. Squat down to talk to your kids. Squat while you are gardening. The list goes on. Just squat!


Nourished by Nature

The Magic of Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that the number one deficiency in the world is iron and pumpkin seeds contain this mineral (ok not as much as red meat, but still a good absorbable amount). The number two deficiency is magnesium and zinc. You guessed it, pumpkin seeds are full of both. 

A handful of pumpkin seeds a day helps increase/maintain valuable nutrient levels.  Sprinkle over meals, add to smoothies, eat by themselves…. Pumpkin seeds are an awesome superfood. 

The Good Life

On Friday morning, the kids and I walked down to the beach and sat down on a log, enjoying the warm sun on our faces, watching the surfers riding the big waves. Breathing in fresh air, taking time out to listen to the ocean, feeling the sand between our toes, and enjoying just being. There is nothing better than just being present in the moment.

That is it for now. Have a great day,

Paul “City boy” and Krystie “squatter” Miller