2020 the start of a new decade, crazy how quick it goes!!

With it being the start of 2020 I always like to take a moment to think about future goals and reflect on past wins and losses. This post is a kind of reminder to myself and hopefully you on how to upgrade and keep kicking butt 

I believe the two most important driving needs of fulfilment are growth and contribution. Everything in life grows, contributes or is taken out of the chain. 

In this post I am going to share with you (contribute) 20 ways to upgrade (growth) your fitness, health and mindset 

1. Avoid factory farmed and conventionally grown. Eat organically, locally and mindfully 

2. Like your mum said – Eat your veggies 

3 – Cut out the CRAP.

 Carbonated drinks

Refined sugar

Artificial sweeteners and colours 

Processed foods 

4 – Don’t waste your money on cheap supplements that promise some kind of miracle weight loss.

The only supplements that work are those that improve your health

5 – Eat and train for health, longevity and performance.

Stop looking for miracle cures and quick fixes 

6 – Go to bed earlier and focus on better sleep.

Quality sleep is the precursor to better decisions.

7 – Have a morning and evening routine.

Your morning routine is to get you focused on winning the day (The Yang). Your evening routine is to slow down, wind down and calm down (The Yin) 

8 – Get off the computer at least 2 hours before bed.

Dim the lights or better.. light some candles. 

9 – Buy a great mattress.

You’re gonna spend a long time on it, so make it a good one. All our mattresses come from https://innature.co.nz/. They use natural organic materials and are chemical free. The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. Most mattresses contain petroleum based chemicals, toxic foams, synthetic fabrics, and fire retardant chemicals. 

10 – How you eat your food and think about your food is just as important as your choices of food.

Don’t stand and eat or drive and eat. Slow down and eat socially. This is the one thing that people living in the blue zones all have in common 

11 – Train for strength first.

A house with a strong foundation lasts a lot longer. If you want to be a runner awesome! Just be strong enough first. 

12 – Focus on just one or two things. 

Trying to do a million things will leave you tired, exhausted and spinning plates. By focusing on just a couple of small things you will actually be able to make a difference. This holds true for training, nutrition and lifestyle 

13 – When in doubt – mobilise your ankles, hips and thoracic spine.

99% of the population could do with more mobility in these areas 

14 – The number one exercise for a flat stomach is…. The table push away. 🙂 

15 – Want better posture? Stop staring at your phone 

16 – Re-connect.

Put your phone down and have a real conversation. Life takes place in the real world and not on your phone 

17 – Do the Wim Hof breathing method.

I started doing this last year and the difference its made has been mind-blowing

18 – Consider not training to lose weight but simply because it feels good.

And it feels good to feel good!!

19 – Read a book.

In fact read lots of books. Whether you’re reading fiction, biographies, development or whatever your jam is. Books have the ability to inspire, motivate, stimulate one’s imagination and so much more. 

20 – Don’t be busy for the sake of being busy.

You’re not too busy, I am not too busy. No one is. If you really want to have dinner with your dad, you’ll make time. If you really want to learn the guitar, you’ll make time. If you really want to go to the gym, you’ll make time. 

There are people that get a weeks worth of stuff done every single day. They are no different from you.

So there you have it. Give some or all of these a go and see how you get on with your 2020