The Method

Results Personal Training believe in a simple set of principles. Empower yourself with a positive mindset, eat nourishing beautiful food, working out intelligently and reconnect back to the good life. We call this the Results Personal Training Four Pillars. Each element works in perfect harmony to one another and all are vitally important to your health and your fitness transformation.

1. Positive Mindset

At Results Personal Training we do things a little differently. The first step to any transformation is getting our mind right and getting clear on our goals. We know the brain is the most important muscle, so we work to cultivate a winning mindset and focus on nourishment not punishment. We workout because we love our bodies not because we hate them. You’re not damaged, you’re not in need of repair. Fitness and nutrition is not a punishment for your sins.

2. Nourished by Nature

You will enjoy a balance of fresh, real food that maximises nutrient density, turns off hunger hormones and ensure you feel vibrant and full of energy. Our method is simple, grounded in science and results driven. Enjoy clean eating recipes, practical tips for eating on the go and tailored plans from our functional diagnostic nutrition practitioners.

3. The Smart Training System

The experience always begins and ends with you. Intelligent training that emcompasses form, function, time efficency combining the maximum amount of fat burning and toning all while boosting your metabolism.
Whether your are and athlete, seasonal exercises, or never set foot in a gym. Results Personal Training will partner with you to achieve long term, life changing results.

4. The Good Life

Simple, practical and realistic lifestyle changes that will help optimise hormone balance, increase fat burning, reduce stress and supercharge sleep. The Good Life is all about creating habits that are both backed by science and have feel-good factor resulting in a balanced lifestyle.

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