World Record Smashed & An Awesome Fat Burning Workout for Home

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend?  

  For this weeks newsletter I would first off like to start with a massive congratulations to Bex who pulled 28 reps of 100kg sumo deadlift on Saturday morning. Bex didn’t just break the world record, she smashed it 🙂  

Well done Bex!  

  I would also like to thank everyone who helped out and those that came down and supported Bex for her record.

Thank you Grant at Mayer Broadcast and Media Production who did the filming for the day, Thank you to Adam and the girls at Peak for judging and timing, and a thanks to Vicki , Rebecca and Haley for being our recognised professionals. And there were many of you that helped out from organising to contacts. We really appreciate all the help to make this World Record happen. So thank you





The weekend also brought us some much needed sunshine. So with the rain gone and the sun shining I thought I would bring you a simple but highly effective workout that you can do anywhere.

    For those doing the 12 Week Challenge, this workout serves as an awesome bonus for some extra fat burning.  

  For this workout all you will need is a skipping rope and a small space for some bodyweight movements  

  Set your timer for 18 minutes. You're going to skip until you mess up, as soon as you do, you will then drop down and perform 10 push ups.  

  Grab the skipping rope and start skipping again. Keep skipping until you mess up again, then this time you're going to perform 12 jump squats.  

  Keep alternating between skipping, push up, skipping and jump squats for the full 18 minutes.  

  This is a great full body high intensity cardiovascular workout. Don’t mistake the simplicity of the workout for the effectiveness of it. 18 minutes will toast you and burn a ton of calories.



  Enjoy, that’s it for today  

Paul ‘18 minutes of skipping” and Krystie “Didn’t you mess up within the first 20 sec?” Miller

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