How to turn Adversity into Advantage

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Happy Monday. We are one week down on our 12 week challenge and for many it has been a tough first week. Many of you have embraced giving up caffeine for the challenge and have had the coffee withdrawal headaches. Others have stopped their habitual after dinner desserts and a couple of you have even put an end to smoking.  

  So first off, I want to take a second to acknowledge you in your efforts. Great job people  

  In today's newsletter I want to talk to you about adversity & not giving in. There will be challenging times ahead for all of you doing the challenge. - It’s called a challenge because it’s designed to challenge and test you.  



How ever hard the 12 weeks gets, the ability to dig in and not quit when times get tough will not only set you apart but it is the difference that makes the difference.

    The never-say-die attitude is what takes you to a place that most aren’t willing to go, so when you think you have exhausted all that you have it's time to look inwards and know that you haven’t. I know you can lift the heavier kettlebell, I know you can do another push up, I know that you don’t need the chocolate bar. You always retain the decision whether or not to hang in there. No one can force you to quit.

    When times are tough and conditions are the grimmest, is when we truly learn who we are and what we are capable of.

    The feeling of finding out that you can achieve more than you had previously thought is truly satisfying. But it’s only when we are really tested that we realise this.

    Adversity is something we all fear as for many it means failure but failure is nothing more than a teacher or guide.

  No one gets to their goal without falling over obstacles first.  If you find a road with no obstacles then you are on the wrong road.

    In the words of Ryan Holiday - The obstacle isn’t in the way, it is the way.


(one of Elmo’s favourite reads)


Embrace adversity, embrace the obstacles.


I will leave you with this...


I have a number of personal statements that I will read every morning. Here is number 8


The strongest trees grow in the strongest winds. If I want to be strong enough to reach my potential, pray for strong winds and don’t bitch and moan about them when they show up.


That’s it for today

  Paul ‘’ impossible ‘’ and Krystie ‘’ I can ‘ t  do it’’ Miller  

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