A Truly Inspiring Transformation

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Happy Monday Everyone.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Four weeks down for the 12 Week Challengers, how time flies when you are having fun 🙂 You are all doing so well. 

Thanks to everyone who turned up on Saturday morning for the interval training, what a great turn out, and beautiful morning for it! 

So today we are bringing you a truly inspiring transformation story...

To give this story a little context, a few weeks ago Shona shared her transformation journey with us, and we found it so inspiring we just knew we had to share this with you all. So without further ado,

My ‘Feel Good’ Weight Loss Journey

My journey began after having children and struggling with my emotions, I found myself ballooning to 100kg (not my proudest moment) and a struggle for my 5’3” frame. It was a rollercoaster of feeling down so I’d eat to feel better (which lasted 10 minutes), then feeling bad about putting on weight so eating more TO FEEL BETTER...

I was missing out on life with my children and life in general, always finding excuses not to do things because I was too fat to feel comfortable doing them. I had tried dieting and there were times that I lost weight but I always put it back on and a little bit more. I’d hear people say “It needs to be a life style change” and I felt like I was going to lose everything I loved to eat forever.


After a while the pain of being fat, unhealthy and feeling uncomfortable, struggling to do simple things like doing my shoe laces up and so many other day to day things, became so much that something needed to change. I knew that I didn’t want to get on the diet rollercoaster again and I had no idea what I would do differently this time. I decided to just start noticing how I was feeling and do what felt good to me. I started going for walks daily and finding healthy food that I absolutely loved to eat.

Now I was focusing on doing what FELT GOOD rather than what I SHOULD do. It was completely my choice, and walking and eating food I loved felt great, and I began losing weight. There were times that I had cravings for pies, doughnuts and fried chicken from BJ’s Bakery but instead of just going with the craving I would ask myself ‘What will make me feel good 2 hours from now?’ and most of the time I knew that the pie etc would leave me hating myself and feeling sluggish. Eating some nuts and going for a walk on the other hand, would boost my energy and make me feel pleased with myself. I’d also ask myself ‘Why am I craving bad food?’ and there was usually an emotional reason. Once I knew the reason for the craving it was easier to recognise that eating would not take it away, in fact it would fuel the fire, it was easy to make the choice to go for a walk and reflect on my emotions.

If the craving won I tried not to beat myself up. Instead I ask ‘myself how I feel?’ ‘Was it worth it?’ And just sit with that without too much judgement. I have also found that (for me) it’s important to eat smaller amounts often to curb cravings and I keep nuts in my car for times I can’t get to food when I need... although since I have started the Results Fitness eating plan my blood sugars are more stable and I don’t need to eat as often. I have also found that being consistent with eating well and exercising, even when it seems I’m not losing weight is key.

Over time my eating and exercise have evolved to include different and healthier life style choices – going to the gym – understanding that building muscle is important to health and to stabilising weight. Now I’m in a place that I am happy with my weight (59 kg) and body. I’m now, through Results Fitness, learning more about eating for my body to be as healthy, fit and agile as I can be which feels good! Everything I do is about doing what I enjoy and makes me feel good. - Shona Patterson

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge you Shona, for your awesome work, dedication towards a healthier lifestyle, and amazing result. You look incredible! 

Have a great day everyone,

Paul "inspired", Krystie "that's awesome" Miller

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