Strength Sessions & How To Get Abs

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Happy Tuesday

I love strength training and let's face it life is easier when you're stronger. It's easier to carry the shopping, it's easier to carry the kids and it's easier to haul yourself up the Peak. It's what gives you the ability to run faster, jump higher and shed more body-fat

  You can't build a house without a solid foundation and strength training is that solid foundation.

  For my workout I did some Turkish Get Up (TGU) practice.


What is the Turkish Get Up?

It's a highly effective, highly functional exercise that uses the whole body. T.G.U's require massive amounts of stability and mobility all at the same time. The T.G.U will give you immediate feedback as to what you're missing as a unit in your body.

  For example, if you have tightness in your thoracic spine you will be challenged to keep the arm overhead. If you don't have enough stability through the shoulders then holding the weight becomes very challenging. Hips are too tight, then swinging the leg under just doesn't seem to go.


  As I always say, you need to own the movement. You need to be in control of the weight and not the weight in control of you. As you can see in the video it all starts off okay but I got owned by the Kettlebell at the end of the movement. You win some, you lose some.



  Do you struggle to reveal your six pack despite endless crunches?

  Everyone has a six-pack but most people can’t see theirs for one simple reason: It’s hidden under a layer of fat.

What’s the best way to lose belly fat and get washboard abs?

  For many years people have believed that cardio is the answer and more specifically cardio in the so called ‘fat burning zone’. Quite frankly this is flat out wrong. The most effective way to shift body-fat is…. nutrition, weight training and high intensity interval training such as sprints or metabolic workouts


What are the most effective exercises to sculpt hard abs?

  Heavy compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and T.G.U's work the entire abdominal region far more effectively than sit ups or crunches. Your abs are responsible for stabilising your torso and keeping your midsection in a secure, stable and braced position while your limbs move.


Today's Mind-set Mastery

'' There is only one way to learn, '' the Alchemist answered. ''It's through action.''  -  Paulo Coelho

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