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Happy Monday,

  I hope you all had a lovely weekend, 

  Life is a subjective experience. How I see life will be very different from you. That doesn’t make me right and you wrong. It’s all about perceptions and what follows is simply what I believe to be true

  To quote Bruce Lee  “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not’’

  • Nature exists on the laws of growth and contribution. We are no different.
  • The goal is never about achieving the goal, the goal is about the person you have to become in the process
  • In order to achieve anything, you have to learn how to do it. There are 3 stages to learning

Stage 1 -

Basic Comprehension - I get it, but understanding it is never enough  

Stage 2 -

Brain and Body Understanding - I get it and I feel it, my thinking and feeling centres have aligned and now I have motivation  

Stage 3 -

Identity - Once you identified yourself as it, it becomes effortless, it’s just what you do. For example if someone says ‘I am a runner‘ then I know they don't struggle to get themselves out for a run on a cold and dark morning, it’s just part of who they are  

What’s your I AM statement ?

  • Your bank statements are a report card of your values. Look through the last month and notice where you spent most of your money. Was it on nights out with friends (friendship), was on organic food and gym memberships (health), was it on seminars and programs (self-growth)?

What you value you will prioritise

  • Don’t fall into the happiness trap. Life is not about trying to be happy all the time. To give you an analogy, life is like a chess board there is both black and white squares. White squares are lying on a beach in Fiji and black squares are the challenging mountains you have to climb in business, relationships, finances etc. When on the black squares we grow most and we learn to really appreciate the white squares when they come.   

Life's not about happiness it’s about fulfilment

  • Upgrade your peer group. You are a sum of the people you spend most of your time with. Our minds are 24 hour adaption machines and we will always adapt to the environment we live in. If you spend your time with energy vampires you will become one. If you spend your time with successful people you will become one.
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  • Remember the strongest trees grow in the strongest winds. If you want to be strong enough to reach your potential, then pray for strong winds and when they show up… don’t bitch and moan about them
  That’s it for today   Paul “gusty” and Krystie “food, food and more food receipts” Miller

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