Michelin Star Chefs & Fat Loss

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Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!

  Below are 7 points to consider when working with fat loss.

1 - The best diet

  If someone tells you the best diet is fill in the blank then please take it with a pinch of salt. Everybody is different and there is no one size fits all approach. The key is to simply listen to your body and let your results be an indicator as to whether or not you're doing what’s best for you.

2 - You cannot out-train a bad diet

There are around 300 calories to a slice of pizza. It takes me less than 10 minutes to work my way through three slices. Add in a glass of wine and that’s well over 1000 calories. On the flipside it takes me around 2 hours of hard training to burn 1000 calories.

  10 minutes to consume it. Two hours of hard training to burn it off.


3 - Real wholesome food CAN be eaten in larger quantities

  If your day is filled with natural proteins, some fruit, plenty of vegetables and some healthy oils you can eat in abundance. Even though point two was all about calories, I personally never count calories and believe that if you eat real wholesome food then you really don’t need to count calories.


4 - Omega 3’s can be amazing for fat loss

Salmon, sardines, mackerel and walnuts are all naturally high in omega 3. That said,  daily consumption of these can still leave you short changed with your omega 3’s. Invest in a high quality fish oil supplement. Here is what I take  Research indicates that taking fish oil has a number of incredible body benefits including better joint health, increased insulin sensitivity, increased protein synthesis, improved digestion, improved bone health and the reduction of the experience of stress.  


5 - Mindset is SO important in the fat loss game

  Stinking thinking always leads to self sabotage. Be positive and believe in yourself!

  Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to results.


6 - Fat loss is part of the Dance of Life

  I think fat loss is kind of like a dance. You need to take the right steps in order to make it work. But a few dodgy steps aren’t going to destroy all your hard work. Imagine you have an inner circle and an outer circle. The inner circle is the place where you are nailing your nutrition and on point with your workouts. The outer circle is a few cheeky wines with friends. For fat loss you need to spend most of your time in the inner circle. but if you pop out for a glass of wine then don’t stress, just simply get yourself back in. Think of it as getting a cab home after a night out as opposed to a three day bender in Vegas 🙂

  The more time in the inner circle, the easier it is to build solid habits and get great results

  The direct route is the fastest route.


7 - For the best fat loss results look for a Michelin star chef not a fast food chef

  Personal trainers are like chefs. For best results you need to pick a great chef

  Why is a steak (your results) so much better at an actual Michelin star restaurant (good trainer) than it is at local drive-through (bad trainer)?

  • The Michelin chef probably uses better raw materials (better exercise selection).
  • The Michelin chef probably has a better recipe (better training program design).
  • The Michelin chef probably follows that recipe better than an Ordinary Joe just staring at a list of directions (better coaching experience and talent).
  • The Michelin chef has tasted the best steaks and holds himself to a higher standard (is in shape and has a frame of reference on how to get you in shape).
  • The Michelin chef has made thousands of steaks, gone to culinary school, and talked shop with other great chefs (experience, education and internships).
  • The Michelin chef is always reading culinary magazines and attending trade shows (continuing education).

  Be sure to choose the right chef….      Shameless plug time >>>click here<<< for results

  That’s it for today

  Paul "3 stars and counting" and Krystie "looking forward to the fine dining" Miller

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