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Fitness classes in Hawkes Bay
Kirstin. Fitness Camp
I first signed up to do a 5 week training camp with Result Fitness as I was looking for something new and always wondered about giving ‘boot camp’ style fitness a go. What I have found is this: Krystie and Paul are impressive with their knowledge, skills and ability to always know when you can do that little bit more. I love the diversity of the workouts, the fun supportive groups and the ongoing challenge to achieve a healthier cleaner life. I am now into my 7th camp and still loving every bit (even if I don’t sound like it at times ;)). I have increased my fitness, got leaner and a lot more toned and learnt a huge amount about how different foods affect my body and general wellbeing. I have recommended Results:Fitness to everyone I know and then some. My partner has even jumped on board and has lost 13 kilos, reduced his cholesterol and looks amazing. I think everyone should give at least one camp a go - your long term health and wellbeing will thank you for it. Thanks guys. 
Sarah M. Fitness Camp
When I initially signed up with the Fitness Camp, I was a little sceptical as I had never done anything like this before. From my 1st session I was hooked. Paul and Krystie were both very organised, professional and made the sessions fun. I lost 4.5kg over the 30 days and could finally put on my favourite dress again without feeling uncomfortable. I highly recommend Results Fitness Camp.
Megan P. Functional Wellness
I'm delighted to inform you that things are progressing slowly but surely with my weight problems and hormonal balance as I've lost just under a stone in weight in under two months and my body fat is now down to 26%! I'm not feeling too lethargic and irritable when I wake up now either plus my periods are less heavy and painful. I am really pleased with the results thus far.
Greg H. Personal Training
Thank you Paul for all your help and support, I went from well over 100kg of lazy to 83kg in just 3 months. Thank you for giving me the body, attitude and habits to make it all the way to the New Zealand rowing Champs where I was competing against the like of World Champion Mahe Drysdale and the Ever-Swindle twins. It was an amazing experience and even better to get a medal. The next challenge is to see if I can make the NZ bobsled team. I really appreciate all your help Paul.
Terry R. Fitness Camp
I have a highly stressful job and put exercise on the bottom of the list for things to do. To be honest, I hadn't noticed, it was my Wife who showed me a photo of how I looked 2 years ago. My eating habits had gone out of the window and I was tired all the time. RESULTS got me back on track again. Their nutrition plan was easy to follow and I still stick by it today. Every session of the Fitness Camp was challenging, but once the session was over, I felt amazing. Being outdoors to start the day was amazing as I am basically sat in the office all day. Thank you very much for the help Paul and Krystie and I promise to nail the 24kg Turkish Get Up.
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