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Central Hawkes Bay Senior Female Sportswoman Award. 🙂

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Happy Monday     How was your weekend?     For this weeks newsletter I thought I would do a weekend of pictures.                         . Rebecca Hodge, a world record holder in powerlifting, won the Senior Female Award. Hodge is awaiting word on whether or not her feat will gain an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.  - NZHerald     A massive well done to Bex for winning the Central Hawkes Bay Senior Female Sportswoman Award. 🙂                  ...

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7 Reasons Your Knee’s Hurt

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    Knee pain sucks. In this article I am going to give you 7 reasons why your knees hurt. However before I get into it I want to say if you have any sort of knee pain then it is a good idea to go to your medical practitioner whether that be a Physio, Chiro, Osteo or whoever it is that you see.     There are literally hundreds of possibilities for why you have knee pain but the most common knee issues I see tend to be some form of Patellar Tendonitis. Essentially inflammation of the knee tendon.     Interestingly the knee itself is rarely the root cause it is...

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Thursday Training & HIIT Sessions

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Happy Thursday     In today's edition of Thursday's training I am going to share with you my number one tip for better movement and we are going to talk about HIIT that is High Intensity Interval Training.   Movement, it's such a fundamental part of our lives yet we often take it for granted. It's only when movement has gone that we realise what we once had.   Whether you want to be a great athlete or you simply just want to enjoy life injury/pain free then you need to learn to move well.   I always find it interesting that we are taught to read, write, add, subtract...

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Functional Movement Screen – Hawkes Bay

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Functional Movement Screen - Hawkes Bay The Functional Movement Screen is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality in clients and athletes. The screen shows imbalances and asymmetries that the body has developed over the years.   The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) consists of 7 distinct tests to evaluate movement patterns and asymmetries, providing insight into mechanical restrictions and potential risk for injury. The test is scored from 0-21, and studies have shown that scores below 14 are correlated with a 50% higher risk of injury, which makes the FMS an...

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Strength Sessions & How To Get Abs

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Happy Tuesday I love strength training and let's face it life is easier when you're stronger. It's easier to carry the shopping, it's easier to carry the kids and it's easier to haul yourself up the Peak. It's what gives you the ability to run faster, jump higher and shed more body-fat   You can't build a house without a solid foundation and strength training is that solid foundation.   For my workout I did some Turkish Get Up (TGU) practice.   What is the Turkish Get Up? It's a highly effective, highly functional exercise that uses the whole body. T.G.U's require massive...

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Your Fitness Bucket List

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Happy Monday Everyone. Hope you had a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! I love bucket lists. Having a bucket list is like having a goal. You have something to aim for and when you have something to aim for you are much more likely to hit it 🙂 With that said I thought I would put together a list of physical feats. I am going to rank them into 4 different categories from beginners to elite level bucket. All of these physical feats are challenging but doable. See how many you can check off the bucket list   Beginners Bucket   1 - Conquer the chin up...

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