An Inspiring Journey – By Steph McKay

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Happy Monday Everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We headed away to Kairakau Beach for the night on Saturday which was lovely to get away. Fresh sea walks, good food and plenty of down time... good for the soul. We received an email last week from one of our awesome Fitcampers, Steph, who has been travelling overseas for a little while now. We found her email very touching and inspiring so asked if we could share it with you all in today's newsletter, in which she replied 'yes'. We asked her to write a little intro into the email, so without further ado... I had been coming to...

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Rapid Fire Q and A Session!

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend? This week marked the 6 week of our 12 Week Challenge. I just wanted to say great work people, many of you have really embraced the challenge and there are a few of you already hitting the double digits with your weight loss.     In today’s newsletter I thought I would do a rapid fire questions and answers. These are questions we have been personally asked or have landed in our inbox over the last few months.  So without further ado…   What can I eat to keep me fuller for longer?     Protein and fats! Protein sends satiety messages...

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The Formula to Make a Super Awesome Smoothie for Optimal Health

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Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. A common question we get from people is “what is a good recipe for a breakfast smoothie?” Either people are over eating eggs / meat for breakfast every morning, don’t seem to have enough time to make a cooked breakfast or just fancy a lighter breakfast. So we thought we would bring you a winning formula for making healthy smoothies that will fill you up, tick all the boxes in terms of macro-nutrients and are tasty. Each smoothie you make should include a source of protein, fat, fibre and greens. This combo turns off hunger hormones,...

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A Truly Inspiring Transformation

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Happy Monday Everyone.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Four weeks down for the 12 Week Challengers, how time flies when you are having fun 🙂 You are all doing so well.  Thanks to everyone who turned up on Saturday morning for the interval training, what a great turn out, and beautiful morning for it!  So today we are bringing you a truly inspiring transformation story... To give this story a little context, a few weeks ago Shona shared her transformation journey with us, and we found it so inspiring we just knew we had to share this with you all. So without further ado, My ‘Feel Good’...

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6 Feel Good Tips to Escape the Winter Blues

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One of our core values at Results is openness and honesty. That said I thought I would be open and tell you that I had a pretty average week last week.  For most part I spent the week feeling a little sorry for myself. I had a case of the man flu and a family bereavement on Thursday to add in the mix.       I am a big believer in being the positive influence and spilling all my worries and problems really isn’t that upbeat and uplifting. That said, I do feel sometimes we need to be more transparent and open as to how we feel. We are all human and we are all filled with e-motions....

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World Record Smashed & An Awesome Fat Burning Workout for Home

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend?     For this weeks newsletter I would first off like to start with a massive congratulations to Bex who pulled 28 reps of 100kg sumo deadlift on Saturday morning. Bex didn’t just break the world record, she smashed it 🙂   Well done Bex!     I would also like to thank everyone who helped out and those that came down and supported Bex for her record. Thank you Grant at Mayer Broadcast and Media Production who did the filming for the day, Thank you to Adam and the girls at Peak for judging and timing, and a thanks to Vicki , Rebecca...

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