5 Life Changing Books that will Transform your Health, Wealth and Happiness

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I love a good book and I believe books have the power to inspire and grow the mind. From the experience of multiple realities to challenges in your perspective we can get much from a book.   Last week I put it out to the team at Results to share with you one book that has both inspired and had a positive shift in their perspective.   How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie. My first self-development book I read, definitely hooked to read more! I read it on my kindle, it's useful to highlight sentences and bookmark pages. It's about people skills. It teaches you how to use...

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Hiking, Sports Cars & Video on Sitting

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              weekend walk in the Kaweka's   Happy Monday How was your weekend ? Saturday, myself and walking buddy Scott went for a tramp up Kaweka J. It's only my second time up there and I would say it's one of my favourite Hawkes Bay hikes. Well worth a trip 🙂 In today's newsletter I am going to share 4 thoughts of the week and a mad rambling video on sitting. So without further ado   Your Body is like a Sports Car You have to treat it with respect. It makes sense to keep the wheels aligned (proper posture) to fill it with the best quality gas...

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Meet Emilie

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Happy Monday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. In this weeks newsletter we thought we would introduce our newest member of the Results Family, Emilie Hay   What is your favourite kind of workout? Really love a good trail run to get out in the fresh air, and Results Fitnesscamp of course Who are your hero’s? Currently a friend of mine (also Emily) who has just smashed the Ironman at challenge wanaka (and got a placing)  she only got into the sport 18 months or so ago and is training so hard and killing it, is so inspiring   Who are your villains? Fad diet companies drive me...

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Bear Crawls

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    Bear Crawls While in the midst of a quadruped hold with knees suspended off the floor I was asked ‘what does this do?’ In today’s post I thought I would share with you the answer to ‘what does this do’ To give some context a quadruped hold with knee suspended off the floor is the start position or a hold position for a bear crawl. So the question I am really going to answer is what does bear crawling actually do as an exercise. I absolutely love the bear crawl exercise for many reasons and to say this works your core or this works your shoulders is an injustice to the exercise....

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                  Why willpower will fail you   Happy Monday How was your weekend? In this weeks newsletter I wanted to share some insights on the concept of willpower Let me ask you a question… Have you ever set yourself a goal like starting a fitness routine, eating more vegetables or getting to sleep earlier only to fall off the wagon a few days later That’s a rhetorical question, of course Conventional wisdom suggest that you have no self control, lack of willpower or you are just plain lazy. The problem with this type of thinking is that...

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Holistic Hierarchy of Healing

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  This week I have been talking to a few of my clients about injuries, healing, vitality and energy.   I believe that we all have the ability to move with vigour, feel boundless energy and have a healthy state of vitality.   But where to start ?   Here are the big 9.   1 - Emotions   They trump all. In order to feel your best you have to get your shit together. Life is a subjective experience and we all have our own view of the world. How you view yourself, others and everything around has a massive affect on your well being. Be kind, love yourself and everyone else   2 - Gut   All...

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