Make the Perfect Time Now!

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend? I planned to write something interesting and thought provoking today BUT a small little baby was having none of it and consequently your fitness and health education is on hold today. And although my cognitive function is ‘even more’ limited today the little Bear did remind me of something interesting   Life. It’s not all rosy and it never will be. Having kids is hard but it’s in the challenge that lies the greatest gift   My point is that there is never going to be a perfect time in life for anything.   "I am going to get the silly season...

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Central Hawkes Bay Senior Female Sportswoman Award. 🙂

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Happy Monday     How was your weekend?     For this weeks newsletter I thought I would do a weekend of pictures.                         . Rebecca Hodge, a world record holder in powerlifting, won the Senior Female Award. Hodge is awaiting word on whether or not her feat will gain an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.  - NZHerald     A massive well done to Bex for winning the Central Hawkes Bay Senior Female Sportswoman Award. 🙂                  ...

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Thursday Training & HIIT Sessions

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Happy Thursday     In today's edition of Thursday's training I am going to share with you my number one tip for better movement and we are going to talk about HIIT that is High Intensity Interval Training.   Movement, it's such a fundamental part of our lives yet we often take it for granted. It's only when movement has gone that we realise what we once had.   Whether you want to be a great athlete or you simply just want to enjoy life injury/pain free then you need to learn to move well.   I always find it interesting that we are taught to read, write, add, subtract...

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Meat Head Monday & A Simple Formula for Living

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Paul here again with another edition of Meat-Head training.  For today's workout I hit the big 40kg dumbbell for 2 sets of 5 reps on single arm push press. That thing is heavy!!     Note - The title of the video says 45 kg. That was me having a little cognitive function moment 🙂 .. It should be 40kg I have to admit I was a little tired today after a few late nights, so I took it a little easier on myself and finished my workout with some kettlebell flows. For those unfamiliar with kettlebell flows they simply are just a group of kettlebell movements sequenced together that don't...

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My Big 5 Takeaways From the 12 Week Challenge

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend?  For us it marked the final week of the Results 12 week challenge. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part in the 12 weeks. We had some amazing results and you should all be amazingly proud of what you have achieved. Here are my big 5 takeaways from the 12 weeks   1  - Just begin   When you're setting out on a long and difficult journey towards your goal, you inevitably will not be able to foresee every obstacle in your way. But what you will find is that every step, every milestone you will gain more experience,...

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40 Kg’s Down and Still Counting… Meet Ryan

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Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! We spent most of the weekend gardening and spring cleaning! Today we thought we would bring you a short question and answer session with one of our clients - Ryan.  SO without further ado... Tell us about yourself: I have 3 sons, aged 15, 3, 20 months. I am a part owner of the Clearance Shed which has 11 stores, I was working in the business till 3 weeks ago when I made the decision to leave. During my time in the business I opened 8 stores as well as looking after all 11 at times. I have now changed my direction in life and as to...

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