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Thursday Training & HIIT Sessions

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Happy Thursday     In today's edition of Thursday's training I am going to share with you my number one tip for better movement and we are going to talk about HIIT that is High Intensity Interval Training.   Movement, it's such a fundamental part of our lives yet we often take it for granted. It's only when movement has gone that we realise what we once had.   Whether you want to be a great athlete or you simply just want to enjoy life injury/pain free then you need to learn to move well.   I always find it interesting that we are taught to read, write, add, subtract...

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7 Reasons Why You Should Do the DUTCH Test!!

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Hormones are crucial to your health and having the right amounts, signalling at the right times in the right places is the difference between feeling great and feeling like crap.   If you're someone that values your health then I personally would recommend hormone testing. I typically test once every year or every couple of years just to see where I am at. And as of the recent times I have changed labs and tests.   For years I had been doing the Biohealth 205 which is a fantastic saliva test. However of the last few years Precision Analytics in Oregon have created the D.U.T.C.H...

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The Weight Loss Troubleshooting Guide

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>>>>>>The Weightloss Troubleshooting Guide<<<<<< Hi Guys,  click the link above for your Free...

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Strength Sessions & How To Get Abs

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Happy Tuesday I love strength training and let's face it life is easier when you're stronger. It's easier to carry the shopping, it's easier to carry the kids and it's easier to haul yourself up the Peak. It's what gives you the ability to run faster, jump higher and shed more body-fat   You can't build a house without a solid foundation and strength training is that solid foundation.   For my workout I did some Turkish Get Up (TGU) practice.   What is the Turkish Get Up? It's a highly effective, highly functional exercise that uses the whole body. T.G.U's require massive...

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Meat Head Monday & A Simple Formula for Living

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Paul here again with another edition of Meat-Head training.  For today's workout I hit the big 40kg dumbbell for 2 sets of 5 reps on single arm push press. That thing is heavy!!     Note - The title of the video says 45 kg. That was me having a little cognitive function moment 🙂 .. It should be 40kg I have to admit I was a little tired today after a few late nights, so I took it a little easier on myself and finished my workout with some kettlebell flows. For those unfamiliar with kettlebell flows they simply are just a group of kettlebell movements sequenced together that don't...

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My Workout – Meat-Head Thursday

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This week at Results we have been implementing a little more strength training with some heavy 5 rep-ers. I have to say I am impressed how strong you guys are. Anyway for today's post I thought I would share a bit of my training and put out some challenges for the boys! After a solid warm up, some mobility and activation it was on to Deadlifts. The Deadlift is a favourite of mine as nothing gets more functional than picking up heavy things from the ground. The video below is about 7 sets into the workout and honestly it's not perfect but I am just about holding out the integrity of the...

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