My Big 5 Takeaways From the 12 Week Challenge

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend?  For us it marked the final week of the Results 12 week challenge. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part in the 12 weeks. We had some amazing results and you should all be amazingly proud of what you have achieved.

Here are my big 5 takeaways from the 12 weeks


1  - Just begin

  When you're setting out on a long and difficult journey towards your goal, you inevitably will not be able to foresee every obstacle in your way. But what you will find is that every step, every milestone you will gain more experience, perspective and confidence in your ability. It’s these elements that ultimately help you reach your goal.

Sometimes the journey ahead can be scary and intimidating especially when you don’t know what to expect and the reality is that we are never short of a good excuse. It’s not the right time, I’m not fit enough or I don’t have the money. I am sure even Sir Edmund Hillary had plenty to hold him back from being the first to climb Everest - But it didn’t stop him!

The sad thing is that many people never really find out what they are actually capable of because they never begin.

Simply just taking that first step can change the course of your life. The magic of the beginning is the start of new possibility.

2 - Never Ever Give Up

12 weeks is a long time for a challenge and there are times when it got hard to stay focused and stay on track. Maybe you missed a training session because your kids were sick or maybe you got sucked into tea and cakes at the office. There is always something trying to derail you but it is your ability to dig in when the going gets tough that sets you apart. That never say die attitude and those moments where you had to look inwards and push that little bit harder.

3 - Getting to Your Goals Requires Sacrifice

The harsh truth is that to get what you want you have to give up something that holds you back. For some of you it may have been those evening wines after a hard day's work, the social flat white or the comfort food.

Sacrifice hurts and that's why many people take the easy option. But sacrifice is the fuel for the fire, when you deny yourself of something you will put more effort into achieving your goal.  When you're faced with the decision of eating the cake - the key is simply to ask yourself is this going to make me proud

Pain is temporary but pride is forever


4 - Keep Good Company

Often in life there are too many people that want to criticise our choices. From the food we put on our plates, the food we don’t put on our plates to why would you get up at 5am to go to a training session. These people can be toxic for us and hold us back in achieving our goals.

One of the greatest gifts of Results Fitness is that we are like-minded people. We are people that want each other to succeed, people that encourage you on your journey and the healthy choices you make. People that inspire each other every single day to be better.

You guys are awesome, keep being awesome!

5 - Honer The Journey Not The Destination

We had some incredible results over the 12 weeks but it’s not just about the results. Don’t get me wrong I am by no means de-valuing the outcome. However the magic of the transformation is that of the process. It’s during the process that you learn so many lessons. It’s who have you become over the last 12 weeks. The growth, the new habits that have been formed, the new identities you have created for yourself. That’s the magic!

I am …. Fit, healthy

Our life is about growth not trophies

That’s it for today

Paul ‘cliches‘  & Krystie 'awesome work everyone" Miller

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