The Best Damn Fat Loss Workout Ever

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Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed yet another beautiful winters weekend! We headed out on our roadies along the Tuki on Saturday afternoon. So great to be back on them again and what an afternoon to ride. Now on to the important stuff 🙂

The 12 week challenge is approaching. Have you put your name down? Whatever your health and fitness goals are, let us help you achieve this over the 12 weeks. We have had people ask for guidance with completing a major event, eg marathon, drop 2 clothing sizes, increase strength to do 10 pull ups, clean up their nutrition etc. The Results crew offer a huge amount of knowledge and enthusiasm and they genuinely care about your health and fitness. We are here to make your 12 weeks a success. Sign up today. Now onto the topic of fat loss.

  Because exercise programs are so individual and often need to be adapted to your changing levels in strength and fitness, there is NO such thing as ‘the best fat loss workout’ however, there are some golden principles of program design that will optimise fat loss.

  Here is an example of what one of Results Fitness Camps workout might look like…


The training split

  A full body split (that is when each training day consists of movements that collectively work the whole body) is great for fat loss as you are able to utilise big bang for your buck compound exercises 3 x per week.

Free weights, cables, suspension trainers, kettlebells and bodyweight

Compared to machines, free weights, cables and kettlebells all require more skill, create more muscular balance and have a significantly greater metabolic cost (that is more energy/calories are required to complete the given exercise)

Paired exercises

By pairing your exercises so that you alternate between upper and lower body you are able to get more done in a given time frame compared to just using straight sets. Using pairings eliminates downtime and increases energy cost.

Minimise rest

By keeping your resting time to under a minute you are able to stay more focused on the job at hand and you’re going to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout. Think of this as both resistance training and cardio combined into one. It’s what we call metabolic resistance training.


If there was a hierarchy of fat loss then nutrition would be number 1, resistance training number 2 and cardio coming in 3rd place. That said doing some cardio can without a doubt optimise fat loss. HIIT (high intensity interval training) will be more effective for fat burning compare to LSD (long slow duration) cardio on a time based comparison. That said just do some damn cardio.


Training 3-4x per week seems to be pretty solid when it comes to fat loss. That said there are a number of factors affecting this. You can only train as hard as you can recover. So if you don’t have any stresses in your life, you have access to cold baths, flotation tanks, infrared sauna, massage and amazing sleep then you might be able to train 6x per week. If not then you’re probably good for 3-4 sessions


Here is an example of how you might set up the week for optimal fat loss


  • Monday - Metabolic resistance
  • Tuesday - Rest day
  • Wednesday - Metabolic resistance
  • Thursday  - Rest day
  • Friday  - Metabolic resistance
  • Saturday - Intervals or hike
  • Sunday - Rest day

  Don’t forget the number one thing for fat loss is the table push away… think about that one 🙂

Paul "I'm in for the challenge" and Krystie "I need to get stronger to push the table away" Miller  

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