7 Ways to Gain Body Fat Fast

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7 Ways to Gain Body Fat Fast

Maybe your partner wants to fatten you up. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of being able to fit in those skinny jeans. Or maybe you just want to be a little warmer this winter. Whatever your reason, here are 7 great ways to get fat in super quick time.  
  • Make sure you do long slow cardiovascular workouts

Go to the gym everyday and get on the treadmill, bike, stair-stepper or cross trainer aiming to keep your heart rate at a very steady state. This will ensure a cortisol release and enable you to store more belly fat  
  • Eat a low fat diet

Eating a low fat diet is a great way of putting on those extra pounds. Low fat foods will inevitably be high in sugar which is great for spiking your blood glucose and if you’re lucky this will lead to diabetes, heart disease or maybe even cancer.  
  • Avoid strength training at all costs

Lifting weights will increase your lean muscle tissue leading to a massive metabolism boost. This will ultimately cause you to burn lots of fat, so I would suggest not picking up any weights and stick to those long slow cardio sessions.  
  • Make sure you get your skinny latte for breakfast

When you wake up in the morning skip breakfast and fix yourself up with a large coffee, even better go to your local Starbucks and get yourself a skinny latte. For lunch get yourself a wholemeal sandwich and wash it down with a diet coke. Make sure you keep your calories low, that way your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto all that wanted fat.  
  • Drink plenty of diet coke and other diet drinks

Aspartame is fantastic for fat gain as it ultimately tricks your body into thinking its getting some calories…. and when nothing comes, your body will really crave those much needed super sweet calories. Also your body will not recognise the chemicals laden in your diet drinks so they too will get stored as toxins in the body  
  • Do the same workout everyday

Make sure you don’t increase the intensity of your workouts as increasing the intensity is a sure-fire way to get stronger, fitter and melt body fat quickly. By keeping all your workouts the same, you can ensure you will adapt to them making your progression come to a grinding holt and ultimately this will help you get fat. As before I recommend long cardio sessions, don’t push yourself just put on the TV or read a book.  
  • Stay up late watching TV

Watching TV late at night will be great as it will stimulate your brain ensuring that you get those much needed 3 hours of sleep. Remember that less sleep equals both more stress and sugary cravings. Don’t read a book or just chill out in the evening or you might find yourself sleeping for 8 hours and feeling good and fresh in the morning.

Keep following these fat gaining tips and you will soon be known by your friends and co workers as ‘The big One.’ Of course if you don’t want to get fat then there is another way.

Obviously this newsletter is completely tongue and cheek 🙂

Paul "I will have a skinny latte" & Krystie "bring on the fatty bacon" Miller

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