10 Ways to Start Your Day Well

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It’s Monday… as if you didn't know 😉  Not only is it Monday BUT it’s the start of our 12 Week Challenge.  So for today’s newsletter I thought I would share with you 10 ways to start your week well

    Before you dive into your Weetbix … I mean eggs spinach and avocados have a read and let me know how you get on.  


1 - Drink a BIG glass of Water


  Before you go and dive into your morning coffee or Tulsi tea 😉 for those on the challenge, go and get yourself a big glass of water. For bonus points add a squeeze of fresh lemon and a small pinch of sea salt.  


2 - Switch off CNN and Switch on your Brain


  For many of us the morning starts with the news, we feel the need to know what's going on in the world. The problem is that most of the news is negatively driven. Did you know that CNN stands for Constant Negative News, just kidding 🙂 I believe we are what we focus on, with that said switch off the negative news and pick up an uplifting positive book.  


3 - Do a Workout


  It’s not a chore or a punishment because you ate too much pizza. It’s a luxury, a gift that you get to give your body. In return your body will reward you with more energy, vitality and longevity. That’s a pretty good investment  


4 - Laugh


  It’s Monday and we are all way too serious on Monday’s. The benefits of laughter are immense and we could all do with laughing more.  

  Here is a joke to get you started…  

  Lilly do you think I am a bad father?  

  … My name is Milly  

5 - Eat some protein, good fats and some veggies with every meal


  A palm full of protein, a palm full of veggies and 2 fingers of good healthy fats for each meal.  


6 - Avoid alcohol today


  And for the next 30 days if you're on the challenge 🙂 Give your liver a break, it has to work hard for you every day  


7 - Be KIND to people


  Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind  


8 - Breathe

  It’s Monday and at some point today something is probably going to go wrong. Stop, take two minutes and just focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth allowing your belly to expand and depress as you do. After 2 minutes ask yourself am I stressing about something I have control over. If yes then find a solution. If no then forget about it.  



9 - Switch out the biscuits and have a Tulsi Tea


  After you have finished your dinner, instead of that dessert you habitually go for try a big warm mug of Tulsi Tea. Tulsi commonly called Holy Basil is an ancient herb that has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels. The brand we use is Organic India which you can buy can at Cornucopia or Chantels.  


10 - Go to bed early


  Sleep is number one when it comes to happy hormones, feeling good, burning fat and quality of life. If you don’t believe me then just try and go 48 hours without sleep - It’s not pretty.  


  That’s it for today.


  If you have anything to add to this list I would love to hear them.  

  Paul ‘Crap Joke’ and Krystie ‘Off to Bed’ (even though I just got up) Miller      

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