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I am a very keen fan of Farmers Markets and make it my mission to visit them when I travel to different places. They are my happy place. A place where there is fresh, in season food available from the growers/makers themselves. I try to avoid supermarkets if I can and buy most of my produce from the Sunday Farmers Market. I believe you are what you eat, so the more information you can find out from the producer’s the better. Always ask questions!! If the soil is rich and nutritious, the plants growing in it will be too. If the animals are eating their natural foods, then the meat/eggs/dairy will be full of beneficial nutrients. If you really care about your health and well-being, choose the best produce available.

Today, I thought I would bring you 14 of my favourite stalls at the Hastings Sunday Farmers Market and why I think they are pretty awesome! Also, a heads up, check out our FB page tomorrow to go into the draw to win a pretty awesome gift pack. OK, let’s get started… in no particular order;

Waipawa Butchery

I love buying the gluten free beef sausages, mince and steak from here. In-fact, all their meat is delicious! Duncan and Annabel own and run both the station and the Butcher Shop so they are in control of the entire process to ensure consistent quality of their products. 

What I love is their animals eat the most delicious mix of nutrient rich green plants: clover, plantain, kale and a range of the Long White Clouds natural grasses, 365 days of the year. They are antibiotic free, GM free and hormone free animals! 

So, the next question is the cost? Great news, very affordable!


Links Organic

A great stall where I buy fresh seasonal produce grown organically along with a wide range of edible herbs, vegetable seedlings and fruiting plants.

Granny McNab

I love buying my herb and vegetable plants from here. Every other week, I head to this stall and buy one punnet of either herbs or vegetables to plant in my garden to ensure I have an ongoing supply. Last week I purchased a lemon balm perfect for my herbal teas - great for stress release. 

They grow their plants the old fashioned way - in the wind, rain and sun (no greenhouses), so your plants are already “hardened off,” healthy and strong when you take them home. They offer Organic Heirloom and Open-pollinated vegetable, flower and herb varieties. Also berry fruit, natives and rare and unusual plants. 

The Organic Farm

A great selection of organic meat including Bostock's Organic Chicken (and they are cheaper than the supermarket). I like to buy a chicken for a Sunday roast, then make a stock from the carcass to use for the rest of the week. 

Epicurean Supplies

This is one of the places where I top my vegetables up for the week (what I don’t have growing in my garden).

You will find a great selection of organic in season vegetables here. They in fact grow over a 100 different crops throughout the year.  Biodynamic principles of Rudolf Steiner are used so quality is always high. While they are not a certified organic grower, they have a serious commitment to organics and believe passionately that you must work with nature not against it. 


I love buying my yoghurt and cheese from here. Greek yoghurt is our family favourite either as a snack or breakfast option, with fresh fruit and activated nuts. If your family is not used to ‘plain’ yoghurt - as in no sugar added, make some homemade chia jam and add, or a little raw honey mixed through. 

Hohepa’s cows are very healthy producing beautiful products. Working with Biodynamic principles, you can ensure their products are bursting with nutrients and flavour. 

Beagles Bee’s

This brings me on to honey! I only ever buy raw honey (meaning it has not been heated to a very high heat which destroys beneficial enzymes). Beagles Bee’s are organic and their honey has no additives (water or cane sugar), no on-processing (no whipping, creaming or pasteurising) and tastes delicious. Their honey is spun straight from the comb to the jar. They also adhere to Rudolf Steiner’s principles of natural living. 


We always have clients asking us what healthy snacks they can eat…. These ones are great!

Venison Biersticks, are made up of wild venison, pork back fat, salt and natural spices. There is no soy, msg or dairy and they are air dried and smoked over Manuka wood. One of the healthiest meat sticks around, being high in protein and good fats, and very low in carbs.

These are great to have in your car or at your desk for when you are needing quality food quickly!

Village Press

Everyone needs a bottle of Olive Oil in their cupboard for dressing salads, or putting over roast vegetables to cook on a low heat. Village Press is our pick as their oils are single cultivar, first pressed, cold pressed, unfiltered, additive free, kosher and halal-certified and extra virgin. They also taste great. They also sell Avocado Oil - this is a great oil to cook under a higher heat.

The Village Press is focused on sustainability, with soil management being effectively improved and managed with ongoing assistance from BioAgNZ and Abron Living Soil Solutions which is fantastic news. 

La Petite Chocolate

A topic I love and a product I love. Chocolate can indeed be healthy for you… yippee! The darker the more antioxidants, the more nutritious. La Petite Chocolate sell the Equador Dark 80% block which we love. This intense and robust chocolate will seduce you by its high aromatic richness. Let the fruity aromas and the floral notes carry you. A pure cocoa paste chocolate, in all of its splendour.

From root to bean, and even to the work of the chocolate make, La Petite have taken all actions to ensure their product is of the highest standard and quality. Fair Trade and Organic and low sugar added, this is a chocolate you know will nourish your heart and soul!

Oh My Goodness

Everyone enjoys bread from time to time (or more often for some :), and this is a favourite go to choice for our family. Gluten free, full of flavour and nutritious. 

This bread includes kelp powder with over 70 minerals and trace elements, a nutritious stoneground whole buckwheat base and is packed with activated chia and linseeds. It is also very filling and Milly loves it, which is a bonus. 

We generally buy a loaf, slice it then freeze as we are more of a toast family than sandwich one, and it can last us a lot longer. One of my favourite spreads is the chicken liver pate from Hapi. 


This brings me on to my next post. Hapi has a delicious, nutritious organic chicken liver pate. If you are not a fan of pate’s, I feel it could convert even the most sceptical. Give it a go. Chicken livers are full of everything your body requires for optimal health. A real superfood. Yum!!



River Range Eggs

These are our go to each week. We love eggs and go through loads! Our minimum requirement is free range, so the chicken can absorb natural vitamin D from the sunshine, and they get sick less (only some of the reasons). Did you know free range eggs have a 1:3 ratio of omega 3 :6 where caged hens have a 1:20 ratio.  

River Range Eggs are a small free range egg producer in Central Hawkes Bay.  They eat GE free, antibiotic free food, and are free to roam in paddocks. They enjoy spending their day expressing their natural foraging behaviours and provide beautiful, healthy eggs.  Their eggs are individually inspected, and are sold locally within a few days of being laid to ensure quality and freshness is maintained.

Lily Bee Wrap

Want to do your bit to reduce plastic? Buy these!!! I truly believe everyone should own a few.  Use these instead of glad-wrap to cover bowls and wrap food. Made from cotton, beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and a whole lot of love. 

So there you have it, my favourite selection. There are of course many other stalls doing a great job and selling delicious fresh produce, but for the sake of this post, I have written about my favourite go to's. Head along to the market and check them out!

Remember to check out the post tomorrow to be in to win a months free fitcamp membership, along with a range of products from the market.

Krystie "bring on Sunday's" and Paul "to market to market" Miller


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